Farmers Market Inspiration

It's Saturday, it's summer, and it is a perfect day to explore your local farmers market. I can never resist the beautiful flower bouquets at our market and this week I found a bit of watercolor inspiration in my bouquet. My work process usually begins with hand painted or drawn images. These images are later scanned to my computer and put in repeat using Photoshop. But first! There must be mark making! And for mark making to commence there must be inspiration and workspace. 



I plucked a few flowers from my bouquet and set up my workspace on our patio. Notice the half eaten cookie on the table......I'm pretty sure that sugar jump starts the creative process...right?


Let the work begin! 

It is nice working outside.....until the wind comes up and blows your papers off the table. But....I like what is happening with the lower left flower so I am inspired to continue painting.

Now....switching to markers and trying a stylized approach.

And then exploring simple shapes and color

Next...Dissecting the petals to see what they look like....they are so beautiful!

The page is full and I think I can use some of this for a new textile design. 

Happy Saturday everyone! Where will you find your inspiration today?